Sophia had huge plans for the art projects she and Grampy would do during his visit. They managed to find time together, while Gabe was sleeping, to do some art together. We bought watercolors, more paint brushes, and special watercolor paper. At first, painted inside the kitchen. But true artists,such as Sophia and Grampy,  like the en plein are method – or painting outside.

2014-03-09 13.17.572014-03-16 13.12.162014-03-16 13.23.30 2014-03-16 13.23.03My father-in-law Henry painted watercolors of my garden. He did a series of four paintings. I hung three of the four, only because I have since planted the area around the pond – and there is a lot more color there now. I figured I’d see if he wanted to paint that area again when he returns for another visit, hopefully later this summer.

watercolors (1) watercolors (2) watercolors (3) watercolors (4)I just love how they turned out – both the paintings and the framing. I had to cut the mats to fit the paper size specifically, which wasn’t too difficult for my rotatory cutter and mat. We have several prints and painting by both Henry and my grandmother Audrey. I am not an artist, but I do love having lovely art on the wall. Sophia’s art is next to join the rest on the walls. It’s especially nice to have art displayed that has been created by people you love, don’t you think?


One thought on “Watercolors

  1. What beautiful pieces! And YES! I totally agree… Our home has a few pieces that my husband painted, our fridge and bedrooms are full of my daughter’s work. All portraits in our home are the amazing work of our one friend that is an amazing photographer. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such talented people.

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