In my garden

In the backyard, the weeds are getting really high. But it is lovely to look out and see the waves of green beckoning. My focus has been on the front yard though. I finished excavating the basin around the pond that East Coast Papa started with the kids when he was visiting. It only took another 30 wheelbarrow loads of dirt to move…

Then I visited the plant stores – Mesquite Valley for my local unique plants and Lowes for the standard plants. Lowes also has a one year guarantee on plants, which is nice. My color palette included pinks, blues, purples, and white. Leaves of green or silver.My inspiration was from Martha Stewart magazine:

2014-02-24 08.01.00

I kinda went overboard…and did two car loads in one day. This is probably why I’m not allowed to go to the plant store unattended! Although, if Sophia was with me, she would have encouraged me to go a third time, knowing her! It’s not like she had to dig the holes or anything!

plants still needing to go in the veggie beds
plants still needing to go in the veggie beds

I spent the next morning digging each hole for every plant. I bought mostly one gallon plants, small, but they will grow quickly. After rerouting the irrigation system in this area, I added some of the river rock from the sunken fruit tree garden. I had put too much rock there, knowing I would move it to this location. And there was just enough rock to fill the basin!

spring weekend (12) spring weekend (13) spring weekend (14) spring weekend (15) spring weekend (16)

I also planted another six one gallon lavender plants in the sunken garden area. They are pretty tough (drought tolerant and kid-tolerant).  All that’s left to do is finish up some more irrigation line tweaks, add some large boulders to the sunken garden area, and then focus on the cactus garden area along the perimeter of the adobe wall. And add tomatoes to the veggie beds. But that’s for another weekend…

spring weekend (8) spring weekend (9)And let’s not forget the rock border Jon and his dad installed along the patio. The rock border is decorate, not needed as a french drain with the rain gutters up above. But it’s a nice transition from the patio to the rest of the yard!

garden spring weekend (7)





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