Another Cozy Quilt project

My mentor at work had surgery recently, and I wanted to do something that could help him heal. He’s such a kind soul. I decided to make him one of my four-hour cozy quilts. Sophia helped me pick out the fabrics on Sunday afternoon while Gabe was sleeping. After washing everything, I had time that night to cut the rectangles out.

I sewed the quilt top again very quickly (I just love that!) on the following Sunday morning while Jon and the kids were at the park. We trade off weekend morning so the other parent can have some alone time, for work or play. I usually choose to sew – in the quiet – it’s such a treat! I managed to finish up most of the quilt during my time alone. One the kids were down for a nap, I was able to finish quilting it.

rex quilt (1) rex quilt (2)

Once the kids were up, we make some yummy chocolate brownies. Nothing like dessert before dinner! I do hope my mentor heals quickly, and enjoys his cozy quilt. My husband did remind me that he too wants one! I’m on it, next weekend!

rex quilt (3) rex quilt (6)



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