{in my garden}

I wanted to share of the garden projects we’ve been working on recently. Winter is a great time to do work in the garden, working on the backbone of the garden, before the spring plants are here. The kids and I have added a strawberry patch in the old pond. We had only 4 plants from last summer, so we made a trip to the plant store. We found so much more.

janaury garden (13)

We brought home 16 strawberry plants, as well as a blueberry bush for their fruit patch. The kids sampled every berry in sight, in order to properly do their research. I’m glad I taught them so well!

janaury garden (1) janaury garden (15) janaury garden (16)

I saw loads of spring peas and leeks, and I couldn’t pass them by. I added them to the bed where my carrot, parsnip, and radish seeds have been slow to emerge. Hopefully, the added company will bring those seeds up. Not to mention getting the irrigation system back on track…

janaury garden (6) janaury garden (7)

We have some broccoli to harvest for dinner this week, along with the chard and kale we’ve been nibbling on in our dinners lately. And in the perennial strawberry bed, the asparagus are coming up! The stalks are skinny, but they are supposed to be. Such a lovely sight to behold!

2014-01-26 10.27.48 janaury garden (10) janaury garden (9) janaury garden (8)

Yes, the irrigation has not been fixed just yet to the berry patch, but soon. I’ve been busy digging the kid pit area, aka, the future fruit tree basin. It’s coming along nicely.

2014-01-11 14.48.06

At the end of February, the local garden store is holding a citrus tasting event. Not that we’ve decided as a family on just which tree will be planted here. Jon is holding out for an apple; Sophia some sort of citrus; and Gabe wants a milk tree. Yup. Decisions, decisions! I’ve just begun excavating the other basin along the veggie bed for the fig tree. Mama has no problem making a decision, as you can see. That’s what’s nice about being the Mama!

We’ve been busy, but it is such a nice time of year to be busy outside. Hope you can join us.




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