Play Fort for the Kids

The kids just love play forts or tents. Unfortunately, they never tend to last very long, due to their rough play. At a friend’s house, I spied this beautiful play structure from Bella Luna toys, and thought it would stand up the the kid’s rough play. Plus, it was beautiful to look at – and made in America.

play fort (1)

Jon’s family chipped in to buy it as a holiday gift for the kids. After our holiday in Phoenix and the trip to Julian, CA, I put it together one afternoon in the playroom. The construction was very quick, despite my two helpers. There was only one problem – the canopy was missing four machine bolts in the packaging. A quick trip to the hardware store solved the missing bolts, and I was able to finish their new fort. They adore it!

play fort (2) play fort (3) play fort (5)

Nearly every single toy in the house has been found inside the fort, or boat, or whatever it is today. Usually piled high with pillows and blankets. When I hear the squeals of laughter, I know they love their new fort.

fort (2) fort (3)

The pieces are well constructed, and the only issue I foresee is if the kids continue to use the fort as an indoor jungle gym, the canopy poles may break. So, to fix this, Sophia and I plan on finding a very pretty fabric to install as the roof. Hopefully, this will work…

Thank you Memere, Grampy, Aunties Diane & Kristin!


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