a cozy lap duvet

I am in  love with this cozy lap duvet gift I made for a special lady. It’s just so cozy, soft, and colorful – I know she’ll love it. The inspiration was the Liberty + Wool Lap Duvet from Purls. Liberty fabric is lovely stuff, but very pricey. I found this pretty and sunny fabric from my local shop – The Quilters Market, along with the oatmeal colored wool.


The lap duvet size was constrained by how much of the wool fabric they had – which was 1 and 1/8 a yard. It was the perfect size. I bought extra of the colorful fabric to make the envelope-style quilt. And it’s really a small quilt – batting, and the two fabrics. It really ought to be called the ‘lap quilt”, not duvet.

handmade holiday (1)handmade holiday (6) handmade holiday (5)

After making the lap duvet, some quilting was needed – but what to do? I decided to do free motion quilting, outlining the flower vines as they descend down the quilt. I didn’t do every row, but rather every 3-6 rows. I like how the quilt bunches. I was both happy and sad to send it off – happy, because keep a certain someone cozy this winter, but also sad to see this lovely leave. I’m gonna have to make another one for sitting by the fire at our home this winter!


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