celebrating the season

We held our annual holiday party this weekend. It was so nice to see our friends, and have time to sit and chat. I only wish we could do it every month! We enjoyed some yummy food, sweet desserts, and tasty cocktails! Well, the kids enjoyed cider. But it was tasty too! I didn’t take pictures this time, relying on some photos friends took instead. It was nice to really enjoy and experience every moment, rather than trying to capture each funny, cute, or silly thing the kids did.

crazy kids nicholas sophia

The kids and I made lots of cookies this weekend. Gabe is a sugar fiend. Before I had rolled the sugar cookie dough out, he had eaten his entire bowl of m&ms, and was chugging the container of red sugar. I managed to distract him somehow, long enough to cut out the cookies for them to decorate. But very little of the m&ms made it on the cookies…Gabe grabbed them off as soon as Sophia decorated something with them. After making three dozen cookies, I decided we were done…and it was time for them to play outside. The kids ran around the front yard, singing “jingle bells” at the top of their lungs. Sophia even taught Gabe to climb the tree partway… I sat on the porch, loving this wonderful weather, and enjoyed some of that leftover Pomegranate Prosecco!

suagr high (4) suagr high (5)suagr high (7) suagr high (12) suagr high (17) suagr high (18) suagr high (20) suagr high (24) suagr high (25)

suagr high (22)

I hope your weekend was just as sweet!


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