crafty weekend

We visited a few markets this weekend, to show our support for friends who had their debut at different markets. I think the kids crashed on a sugar high, thanks to Local Bun. They had not one, but two chocolate buns, while running amok at the St. Phillips plaza market. I picked up a nice mesquite carved wooden spoon when I wasn’t chasing the little ones around…

markets (1)

sophia look sad only bc she's been forbidden to eat all the stock...
sophia looks sad only bc she’s been forbidden to eat all the stock…

markets (14)

Sophia and I met up with Becky for the craft market hosted by Etsy and Whole Food. My friend KC had a booth…and let’s just say if you’re remodeling your kitchen this winter, I picked up a gift for you! We also found an amazing ice cream truck shop and a cool wooden toy shop. Not to mention the lovely time we had sipping wine at River Bar, watching Sophia draw. Loving the Christmas Markets this year!

markets (2) markets (3) markets (4) markets (7) markets (8)

I even managed time in the sewing room. I knocked out eight handmade gifts! I have few more on my list, so let’s hope I find time! Hope you had a merry weekend as well.

crafty (2) crafty (3) reindeer (3) reindeer (8)


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