The kids and I did some of our holiday “making” this weekend. We wanted to make something they could give as gifts for their friends. Sophia was all for coloring them pictures, but I wanted something a bit more durable and lasting. I proposed making tree ornaments, made out of felt and glitter. I had Sophia at glitter

We went to the fabric store to look for glitter. I toyed with the idea of big bins of glitter, but then we saw a big box of glitter markers. Not really markers, but tubes of glitter glue that you could write or draw with. It was pricey, but half-off. With my additional 50% off coupon, and another total purchase of 25% off, well, they were practically giving us the glitter glue for free. We scored many good finds that morning!

making (2)

After Gabriel’s nap (and a round of Pirate’s booty), we began. I had a large bin of felt from another project where I had planned to make everyone slippers for Christmas. That project never actually went anywhere except storage in the shed, and I now have more felt than any person could every use, in many, many colors. We selected a few colors, and I cut the shapes out. We used my Ikea holiday cookie cutters in the shapes of polar bears, hedgehogs, and foxes, with a few free-style shapes of Christmas trees, stars, and squares. What, you don’t think hedgehogs are very Christmas-y?

making (3) making (6) making (8) making (9)

I showed Sophia how to use the markers, and she was off! Gabe also colored his little ornaments too. Yes, he did ingest some of the glitter after I caught him trying to suck one tube down, but it was non-toxic. We played Christmas music (per the kids request), had the windows open to catch a breeze (it was 80 degrees outside, after all!), and had fun making different designs.

making (12) making (15)

We had such a blast making ornaments. We still need to add a little ribbon to the back of each ornament, but that’s another adventure with the glue gun we’ll have when Gabe is napping. A fun little Saturday afternoon project with the kids. And they are SO excited to have gifts that they made to give to their friends.

I really ought to work on some of those slippers too…


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