The Fox

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Gabriel is too small to really have an opinion on his costume, so Mama gets to decide! Friends of ours are going as Peter Pan and Wendy. Sophia was going to be Princess Tiger Lily, but she changed her mind. I had already decided that Gabe would make a perfect Lost Boy – particularly the Fox. So cute! Sophia changed her mind about what to be, but I went ahead with the Fox for Gabriel. I fell hard for the Woodland Creatures PDF pattern from Running with Scissors. A quick click, and one download later – the pattern was mine to use!

If you haven’t used PDF patterns before, be forewarned that there is a LOT of cutting and taping involved. More time than it took to make the costume, I think! It was a fun  and clear pattern to sew. I used some red and white fabric from JoAnn’s. I didn’t dye the arms and leg with the black dye as suggested, but it would have been cute too. The tail just gets me every time I see it…Gabriel loves to grab his tail and walk around holding on to it. So cute!

the fox, pre-hood
the fox, pre-hood

Using the serger to make my final seams made short work of the sewing. I made a size 3, but had to really cut down on the arms and legs – perhaps my little guy, although stocky, is a bit short? Perhaps, but he makes an adorable little fox! halloween party (10) halloween party (11)

PS: I had all the materials for this costume before my girlfriend showed us the “What does a Fox Say” video  by Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker on our girl’s weekend away…and before it became so popular everywhere. It drives my mother crazy to hear the song. However, the kids absolutely love it when I play the video for them…it’s especially cute when Gabe is in his costume, and starts to dance! Adorable!


2 thoughts on “The Fox

    1. deserthomespun

      thank you! he still loves to put in on to play in, when he’s not borrowing his sister’s other dress-up dresses!

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