Princess Anneliese costume

Sophia loves the Princess and the Pauper video my mom gave her for Christmas. So much so, that when it came time to decide on a Halloween costume, she really wanted to be Princess Anneliese from the “peeper and the pauper” movie.

coloring (1)

She even drew me a picture of what the costume for Princess Anneliese ought to look like, as well as the Pauper costume, which she decidedly did not want to be. Her Princess Anneliese costume was suppose to have about 500 buttons…I asked if we could pick some pretty sparkly fabric instead, and she agreed – thankfully!

the princess
the princess
the pauper
the pauper

I used the McCall’s MP283 patterns. Strangely, the pattern isn’t showing up online, except as some sort of Halloween costumes. The pattern was sewn and on display in JoAnn’s in winter flannel fabric – I thought this would be the perfect pattern to use and lengthen – and then I can make more winter dresses with the pattern. I’m a sneaky mama like that! It was pretty easy to sew the dress once I had everything cut out – the serger really made a different here! The only alteration I made was to lengthen the skirt so it flowed properly…

halloween (2)

Sophia picked out a lovely pink velvet fabric, which I used for the bodice and skirt. We also found a sparkly pink and purple with stars that I used as an overlay on the skirt. I made the entire dress too big on purpose (a size 8), so she can play dress up with it for years to come. It was a little too big, so we made a belt to hold it up better. This dress required zipper skills (as did both kids costumes this year!), but it would have been fine to not use one. Good practice though!


costumes (2)

Add a crown and some lovely ringlets to her little blonde hair, and she was all set to be Princess Anneliese. I love that we collaborated on her costume this year!


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