fall break

The kids had part of last week of off for Fall Break – something new the schools out here are doing. I’m always up for more vacation time!  After a drive through a major dust storm, we stayed the night at my parent’s house.My sister had the night off, so we all went out for an early birthday celebration in honor of my mom. My parent’s adopted two new dogs last weekend, so Lucy had some new friends to hang out with!

birthday fun (10)

We visited my grandparents – Sophia & Gabriel’s great-grandparents in Mayer. It was a cool cloudy day, with lots of autumn color. My grandpa has been very sick for a long time, and they hadn’t met Gabriel before, since the kids were always a little sick when we came to Phoenix previously. We had a great visit.

G&G Holt (28) G&G Holt (27)

We stayed with my parent’s for the rest of our adventure. My mom took Friday off (it was also her birthday!). We took a tour of the Cerretas Chocolate Factory…and ate way too many chocolates! Sophia even made a chocolate pizza. Sophia even found an Ompa Lompa (she recently saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory). We all (my niece included) took my mom out for her birthday that night.

chocolate (2) chocolate (3) chocolate (4) chocolate (18) chocolate (19) chocolate (25)dinner (4) dinner (7) dinner (8) dinner (13)

The next day, we visited Tolmachoff Farms. They had a pumpkin patch, lots of farm animals to pet, bouncy houses, and lots of fun.

farm (5) farm (10) farm (18) farm (24) farm (30) farm (33) farm (40) farm (46)

That night, we went to our first Halloween Party of the season at my cousin Kristi’s house. the kids decorated cookies. Sophia was a champ at decorating…although I think for every three she decorated, she ate one. She was wired by the end of the night. Our costumes were a hit!

costumes (2)

And now, we made it safely back home. Only, I have another big trip on the horizon! My brother, who is in the military & engaged, needs to have back surgery. His fiance has flown in from Germany, and a week after his surgery this week, they are getting married in Florida!!! Gabriel and I are going with my mom to the wedding on the beach.  I am so excited, but a little bummed I won’t have time to make a dress to wear for the wedding. So, I’ll make some other little surprises!


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