let it rain!

water harvesting (3)Our  new rain gutters and cistern have been installed! We only had rain gutters installed on two portions of the roof line – over the kid’s bedrooms and the porch. When it rains, with the 25′ run over the kid’s bedroom, we’ll be able to fill the 1320 gallon tank up with 5-6″ of rain. We decided to tie in the porch roof (an additional 43′ of gutter), which will eliminate all of that water going into the yard at the drip line. The tank will fill more quickly with the additional roof capture (~ 2″ of rain), and then any overflow will go into the natural areas outside the fence, rather than all over the flagstone path in the yard. Yup, that wasn’t a typo – our tank will hold 1320 gallons. We can use the water to irrigation all the plant (current & future) in the yard, as well as fill the pond, and if need be, the hot tub in the back yard.

pre-gutters (1) pre-gutters (2)The views above are pre-gutter installation. I had to trim the tree adjacent to the house back quite a bit, as well as clear out vegetation outside the ocotillo fence, and level the ground for the tank.

water harvesting (1) water harvesting (2) water harvesting (5)We had to add “sister boards” on the rafter tails in order to attach the gutter. I’m sad that you can’t see the lovely corbels as well, but think of all the water we’ll save! The pipe will be painted the same color as the gutter, which are the same red color as the trim on the house. I don’t like the red color, but until I convince Jon that we should paint it another color & find the energy to paint it, well, that’s what we’ve got.

The rebate for installing the rain gutters and cistern is fantastic – the city will give back a maximum of $2,000. The final amount we’ll end up paying is less than half of the total cost – about $1400. Given it took two guys four hours to install everything, and all the materials, it’s a great deal. All I have to do is complete a 3 hour class to prepare a project plan for harvesting water.

We just need some rain to test the system out!



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