a chance encounter

I went outside after dinner last night to check the mail. Lucy came with me. After I checked the mail and turned around, I saw her. She was lounging by the adobe wall next to the street. We just started at each other. Lucy finished up her business and came towards me  – and I quickly put her inside. I grabbed my camera, and went back outside.

bobcat (16)She walked along the adobe wall towards the other side of the yard. I followed. She turned right at the ocotillo fence and stared at me. We just looked at one another. She sat down, and then laid down. I’m standing at the edge of the street, pointing my camera at her – somewhat in shock. I’m maybe fifteen feet away. She was beautiful. Maybe 30-40 pounds, smaller than Lucy certainly. I just took as many pictures as I could quickly, then made a short film. She was content to pose for me, grooming herself. A couple of cars went by, with people inside them, probably wondering what it was that I was doing, standing so still by the side of the road.

bobcat (9) bobcat (11) bobcat (10) bobcat (8) bobcat (7) bobcat (6)

I decided it was time to leave her along in peace. I went inside (after getting Jon to unlock the door that the mischievous monsters managed to lock) and told everyone who was outside. We could see her, partially, through the ocotillo fencing, when she moved. I showed the kids the photos. We all just stared as hard as we could, hoping for a glimpse of her.

bobcat (2)

bobcat (14)

And then she stretched, and sauntered off towards the neighbor’s house. She walked so gracefully. We tried pointing her out to the kids – and then they saw her. And gasped in amazement. She was truly lovely. I feel grateful for having those moment with such a beautiful creature…

bobcat (5) bobcat (3)My video was a little shaky (I was so excited) and towards the end I thought I had turned it off!

This gal is a different cat than the one I saw on my morning walk last week. That cat was all sandy colored, no spots anywhere, and MUCH bigger, bigger than Lucy! He (not that I know for certain) was sitting on my neighbor’s front porch…


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