Girl’s Weekend Out

My friends Mariann, Tammy, and I had a weekend (well, 24 hours) away from our husbands, the kids, and responsibilities. We enjoyed lunch at Blaco Tacos at La Encantada, followed by a power shopping spree at the mall. We hit Anthropologie, Francesca’s, Victoria’s Secret (some of us needed to be remeasured after weaning the little guy!), Crate and Barrel…I know, typical crazy women stuff. Honestly, we burned out on shopping pretty quick!

weekend out (16) weekend out (17) weekend out (19) weekend out (20)Then it was off to our hotel – the Westin La Paloma. Mariann had found us a really great deal for a suite. Spacious rooms, and a lovely view of the mountains. After we checked in, we found ourselves poolside sipping cocktails. Lovely!

weekend out (14)weekend out (15)Evidence of the massive shopping spree…

weekend out (18)

Following the pool, we went back to our room to get ready for our night out on the town! We played music (I learned more about some popular music I had been missing out on) and danced. We watched this video from Norway Mariann found that is a parody of the boy bands here in the US, and let’s just say “What Would the Fox Say” became our motto that evening… Seriously, watch the video! We did each others make-up and hair (well, Tammy helped us out a bit!), and then we caught the shuttle to our restaurant. The hotel had a shuttle so we didn’t have to drive – how awesome is that???

weekend out (31)We had an amazing dinner at Tavolino – an Italian restaurant. We had a really great bottle of wine. I had this tasty fresh pasta dish with pears & mushrooms, two types of cheeses, and walnuts. Mariann had their wood-fired pizza. And Tammy ordered a prawns dish…only she was served the wrong dish.  She was manically digging through her dish, setting things aside, looking for the prawns. Our waitress asked how everything was – and all Tammy could say is “where’s the prawns????” For some reason, it totally cracked us all up…between quoting “what would the fox say”  – and having Mariann answer (seriously – watch that video!) and “where’s the prawns??“, we laughed often throughout the evening. It might have been the cocktails…but I don’t think so. These gals are fun!

weekend out (25) weekend out (26)

seriously, where are those prawns?
yup,those are prawns!

We walked across the street and up the road (in heels no less!!) to the Armitage Wine Bar. Between coffees and another glass of wine, we realized we were done in. I called the shuttle to come pick us up…and realized it was only a little after 9 pm! What can I say, we packed a ton in a short period of time!

We hung out for girl-talk, and then it was off to bed! Until the herd of elephants staying above us decided to hold a dance-a-thon all night long! We managed to sleep in (NO KIDS TO WAKE US UP!!!), and after coffee (Tammy really needs her coffee in the morning!), we went to breakfast at Jasper’s.  While the service wasn’t great, the food was good. And then it was time to head back to reality…the land of never getting the chance to pee by yourself without an audience. Unless you get to the door first and lock it. And then they just bang on the door until you open it…

weekend out (22)We saw a rainbow! weekend out (5) weekend out (4)It was so great to get away with such good friends for a lovely time. Thank you ladies! We’re already planning our next escape!


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