labor day weekend party

So, I’m week behind – work has been crazy fun & busy. We had a blast partying poolside at our neighbors’ pool, then migrated back to our house to grill. We saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a long time!

DSCN2044 party (1) party (3) party (5) party (6) party (7) party (8) party (9) party (10) party (11) party (15)The kids had a blast pretending that I was a sea horse they could ride under water. I don’t usually even get my hair wet, so I got dunked quite a bit this time. The kids had a blast rinsing in the outdoor shower…an outdoor shower has been added to our garden list! Sophia picked out the pink flowers for our table, which looked lovely with the turquoise and white theme we had going on. We Jon barbequed hot dogs and burgers, and everyone brought a side dish. A lovely way to spend the holiday!

On a random side note, I’m not very happy with the blurry pictures my camera has been taking…it’s been difficult to get a good shot recently for some reason.


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