Ikea Poang Chair Slipcover

I love our Ikea Poang chairs – we have three! They are SO comfortable. What I don’t love is the boring black slipcover that came with the chair. So, I made my own. Previously I made slipcovers out of some dark orange fabric from SAS. But after a couple of years, I’m tired of the color, and the fact the the slipcovers I made weren’t easy to get off for washing. Have you met my children? Messy might be their middle names! So, I set about designing a slipcover pattern that I can use next time I get bored with the fabric on the chairs!

new cushions (1)

First, I found some new Denyse Schmidt fabric I really liked at JoAn’s, which was fortunate, since they were having a BIG sale.  I even let Jon decide between the two fabrics I had narrowed down. I wanted something in blue to highlight the blue in the carpet that I love.  After walking around the store several times, I kept ending up in the same section!

So, the pattern is very simple – and quick to sew – using my serger for all but one part – the velcro strips. Here it is!

Using a 45 inch wide fabric, I cut a section 63 inches long. This is longer than the cushion, with plenty of room to make a velcro enclosure at the bottom. The width of the front panel is 24 inches, leaving 11 inches to wrap around to the backside. I tested this fact by wrapping the cut fabric around the cushion and measuring the space between. I cut a second piece of fabric 10 inches wide out of my remaining fabric, sewing two pieces together if I have to, to make the 63 inch length. I attach this second cut section of fabric to the first by serging the sides and the top.

slipcover layoutnew cushions (4)

After the fabric sections are sewn, I then like to sew along the outsides of the fabric to make a nice edge. This helps me align the slipcover as I put it on the cushion. Not only that, but if the slipcover is a little too loose on the cushion, serging along the outside edges tightens up the fit.

cut edges

After folding the bottom edge over and pressing this hem, I attached velcro along this bottom edge of the slipcover. I didn’t velcro the entire length – only 18 inches, leaving roughly 4 inches on either side. Why 18 inches? Well, the velcro I had was 18 inches in length. The velcro also was the sticky-back kind that you iron on the fabric. I did sew additional stitches on the velcro to secure it to the fabric, just in case. This did gum up my sewing machine needle, but it came right off. To finish, I sew those other 4 inches shut, so that the bottom of the slipcover would wouldn’t gape and the edge would look nice.

new cushions (5)As to the testing of the new slipcovers…

new cushions (2) new cushions (3) new cushions (7) new cushions (10)They approve! They like them so much that they have requested a new cover for their Poang knock-off chair from Target we found at a garage sale. And then there is the foot cushion that now requires a new slipcover…I better get to work!


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