blooming in my garden

Luckily, we’ve had some monsoon rains lately. Those rains have been glorious! Afternoons full of showers, mud puddles, and cooler temperatures at night.

monsoon rain (1)

Yes, we need rain gutters or french drains installed soon! I’m working on it!monsoon rain (2)  monsoon rain (3) monsoon rain (4)  monsoon rain (6)All that rain has done some good in my new raised garden beds. My plants have been blooming! I know most people think August is the time to say goodbye to your garden, but here in the desert, we’re revving up for the next three or maybe even four months! With the cooler temperatures the monsoons bring, those tomato plants are blossoming. Literally. I have one tomato growing and I’m counting the blossoms on the other plants!

blooming (4) blooming (11)My zucchini plants had several blooms on each plant, and the eggplant (which actually had fruits already on it) are growing. I call my eggplants “aubergine” instead of “eggplant”, and my family looks at me funny. It’s just so much more fun to say, don’t you think? At least the kids think so!

blooming (3)blooming (6) blooming (10)Sadly, something ate my new basil plant! I noticed the other night that something had nibbled it, (but what? harvester ants?) and then this morning, only the stacks remained. My other basil plants in large pots have also begun to meet this fate. I have one lone pot of basil left.

blooming (7)


The flowers in the ponds have also been blooming – they only last a day. Same with our cactus – I can’t recall what this little guy is, but each morning the past two days, I can see this beautiful white flower greeting me from my kitchen window while I wash dishes. What a sight to see! By nighttime, the blooms have closed. Maybe we’ll see more this season.

blooming (1) blooming cactus (1) blooming cactus (3) The saguaros aren’t blooming (they did that earlier this summer), but they are soaking up the rains. The kids and I planted seeds of leeks, spinach, Easter egg colored radishes, parsnips, carrots, and kale this weekend. I can’t wait to see what comes up!

blooming (2)


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