My Garden Beds

future raised beds

Remember when I started this phase of the garden project? It was this past spring…I tried building the raised veggie beds myself, while taking care of the kids this summer in between our travels. I managed to install the irrigation all by myself, something I am very proud of! However, once we returned from all of our trips, and we only had two weeks left in the summer, I realized I needed help to get these veggie beds built. After one false start, we found a couple of great masons to build our beautiful new veggie beds. And they are lovely to behold once they’ve been planted!

Sophia and I took a trip to the garden story this weekend. It’s still hot here, in the middle of the hit-or-miss (mostly miss) monsoon season. I knew we still had some time to grow tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant, so we bought larger pots of those plants. We bought seeds for radishes, spinach, kale, carrots, and parsnips (it’s time to plant now!). We even bought a couple pots of Sweet alyssum, because I love their scent. A couple of chive and parsley plants, and we headed home. I had to touch up my tomato cages with paint, so we planted our garden that evening when it was cooler.

planted garden (2) planted garden (1)

You’ll notice the irrigation hasn’t been finished just yet in these photos. I didn’t finish the gluing part until Sunday afternoon and had to let it dry overnight before running the irrigation lines. I’ve used a four prong mounted heads with four lines of 1/4 inch thick tubing with small slits in them to allow the water to seep out, as suggested by my neighbor the expert.  Hopefully, things will grow well!

planted garden (4)

And every garden needs a scarecrow. Ours is named Charlotte, or Lotta for short. Sophia picked her out. And since she really felt the other bed needed one too, she found an ornamental chicken head from one of the random pots on the porch, and stuck it in the other veggie bed so it too could have a scarecrow.


planted garden (3)There’s still more to do to this area. I need to call and price rain gutters and cisterns. I need to remove more dirt to install french drains along the eves of the house. And then there’s the pond-turned-veggie bed that needs irrigation and planting. Oh, and planting the rest of the yard… I think I’ll be busy for awhile to come!


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