Raised Beds

future raised beds

We ran into some problems with these beds during our big garden project renovation. I installed the irrigation myself, and we were ready to start the next phase. Jon and I started the project many months ago by laying the foundation and the first row of blocks. It took us a long time to do this, given we were taking care of the little munchkins at the same time. I managed to install three block son the second row, but, with the little ones underfoot – and the heat – it was difficult. We ended up hiring a local guy to do the beds…and it turned out they had NO experience with block before – even after they said they did! They didn’t have the right tools to do the job – they had to borrow from me! And they ended up messing the second bed up foundation entirely – and I made them undo what they did. We went on vacation, and when we returned, both parties decided that we needed someone else to finish the job.

phase 1_bed (1) phase 1_bed (2) phase 1_bed (3) phase 1_bed (4) phase 1_bed (5) working hardI asked around at the local hardware store for someone who did masonry work. Luckily, one of the guy’s father had a company and knew someone. A proper mason named Eduardo. Oh, the sigh of relief I had when they showed up when they said they would (even early – before we had gotten out of bed!), had every tool, and then some, to do the job. And they did an amazing job.

veg beds (1) veg beds (2) veg beds (3) veg beds (4)

Originally, I just wanted someone to build the beds, and I would stucco them. My dad told me that someone with skill needed to do that job. Which translates to  – no Pamela, you do not have the skill to do this! We are going to have to look at beds forever – get it done right! Luckily, Eduardo not only knew what to do, he offered to build the beds (and fix the mistakes!), stucco with color, waterproof the inside, and install the pretty tiles on the beds. And he brought all the supplies (except the tiles) – I had to do nothing. Well, draw a map of where I wanted all the tiles placed. He’s the one we should have hired in the first place!

finished veg beds (1) finished veg beds (2) finished veg beds (3) finished veg beds (4)

The raised beds are a lovely terra cotta color, and all my pretty tiles look lovely. I had a hard time deciding on one tiles, so I just choose several I liked! Each bed has six tiles. I am so happy that the raised veggie beds are finally built. And they look so nice! I still need to add gravel, sand, and soil – not to mention finished the irrigation system – but they are built. The beds are almost five feet wide by a little over nine feet long and just over two feet tall. That means we have a nice large area inside the brick walls for growing veggies. And my back won’t hurt anymore when I garden! Well, maybe that’s going too far!

tiles (1) tiles (2)

Jon is picking up some gravel for me tomorrow. Then I’ll need sand and compost. Soon we can plant…


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