the ocean waves quilt

I finished (for now) my Ocean Waves quilt. It seemed like an appropriate quilt to work on this summer, seeing how I visited both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans just a couple of weeks apart!

ocean waves (5) ocean waves (10)

The design began as a drawing I did with Sophia when we were coloring. I was thinking about all the fun we were going to have at the ocean this summer. I just love the beach – I can spend all day, every day, there, just playing in the sand and water. Luckily, so can my family!

making waves (1) making waves (13) ocean waves (12)

I cut triangles of different fabrics, from grey to dark blue, to make a quilt out of the range of colors I see in the ocean. I pairs these triangles with white fabric to make the top of the waves. I sewed the colors from lightest to darkest.  For some unknown reason, the bottom three rows of waves did not line up and were shorter that the rest of the waves. No idea what happened there…

quilt (5) quilt (7) quilt wordless wed (1) wordless wed (2)

I added more white to make a border around the waves. I used some leftover blue bias tape I had made for another project. The backing was a sheet I had found at the thrift store some time ago – whenever I see sheets in colors I like for potential quilts, I get them.

quilt (8) quilt backing

To quilt, I sewed horizontal lines along the top and bottom white border, and vertical lines along the side borders. I did quilt the bottom of each “wave”. I may, in the future, hand embroider stitches along the top part of the waves to outline them, but that is a job to be done during the winter time. it’s just too hot to sit with a quilt on my lap!  The finished quilt size is 63 inches by 67 inches.

finished (1) quilt (1) quilt (2) quilt (6)My quilt is on my bed right now. Every time I see it, I will remember the sounds the waves make as they crash on the shore, the smell of the salty air, how the water is always cold at first, and the lovely colors the ocean changes throughout the day. Given it is hot and humid outside right now, I think I’ll be spending as much time as I can there…


3 thoughts on “the ocean waves quilt

  1. Trinka

    Looks great! I can’t wait to get back to my quilt projects. This Tangled birthday party is taking up all of my spare time!

  2. so lovely! i just started a little quilt with my grandmother a few weeks ago, although I think our pattern and color matching is more clashing than anything… yours is so beautiful!! much more thought out than ours haha!

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