love songs, the blues, and drinking songs*


I jumped at the opportunity this weekend to go see my favorite jazz/blues singer in concert at the Rialto Theater here in Tucson – Madeleine Peyroux. It didn’t matter that Jon was out of town & I needed a babysitter, I was going. I saw her last when I was pregnant with Sophia! My friend Tammy went with me – for our Girl’s Night Out!  We had dinner at the Cup Cafe before the show. Seriously yummy food!


concert (1)

The show was great – I seriously could have danced all night to the music – both the singing and the instruments were so well played. I didn’t get any good pictures of the show – no flash photograph – but did make a very short video. I just wish the show lasted longer.

After the show, we went back across the street to Club Congress, where the Lose Your Clothes, the Underwear Party was going on. We didn’t want to participate, just see who in the world would. It was interesting. I had to use the restroom & was ask by another gal if I was with the wedding party. When I said no, she replied, “oh, you like really nice! Are you going to take that dress off?” Umm, no thanks! Like I said, it was interesting!

*the title of this post references what Madeleine called her singing style – she loves to sing love songs, the blues, and drinking songs. She alternately referred to some of the songs she sang as those written by “dirty old men”, who write the best songs. Loved it!


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