A Rapunzel Dress

Sophia turns four years old today. FOUR. She’s so sweet, tall, opinionated, and funny – I can’t believe she’s only been around for FOUR years. As is fitting for Sophia, she had firm ideas about what I should sew for her birthday – a Rapunzel dress! Luckily, I had enough of the fabrics she likes stashed away to not even have to go to the store for anything! We sketched out what details she wanted on the dress together. I used this Simplicity 2231 pattern and got to work. Sophia did ask about every 10 minutes if it was done it…it took two days, working a couple of hours each day to finish it.

rapunzel (1) I cut out a size 8. Sophia wears a size 5/6, but I wanted the dress to last awhile.  I cut out the front & back bodices, the skirt, and the sleeves. I modified the pattern a bit. To start off, I crossed purple ribbon on the bodice to recreate the bodice like Rapunzel’s dress.

rapunzel (3)

Sophia really wanted long sleeves like Rapunzel, but we were limited by the amount of fabric I had at home. Yes, I was being lazy, but it was the holiday weekend. So, the sleeves were shorter, but there was matching fabric on the front of the skirt.

Here’s where I modified the pattern. In order to put elastic aorund the neckline, I added a strip of fabric to the top of the dress to make the casing. I couldn’t just roll the existing bodice & sleeves over with the sheer fabric – it wouldn’t have held up.

After trying the completed bodice on, the top was too short for Sophia’s frame. So I added another strip of fabric all around the bodice, probably about 3 inches wide. This lengthened the bodice – and enabled me to sew another casing to put elastic in around the waistline.

The dress is a bit big – but that was the plan. The only complaint from Sophia is that there is no pink! Well, next time, perhaps we’ll revisit this dress pattern for some other Princess dress and see about adding pink.

rapunzel (4) rapunzel (5) rapunzel (6)She’s quite happy about her Rapunzel dress. If only we could get her to brush her hair more to look like Rapunzel! Maybe by the time she’s five… Happy birthday my little love!



3 thoughts on “A Rapunzel Dress

  1. Trinka

    It looks great! I just packaged up her b-day gifts, so she’ll be getting a “Rapunzel” braid to go with it soon :). Hope she had a fun birthday!

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