waiting for the monsoon

It’s that time of year again. The clouds build up over the mountains, and we ask ourselves periodically throughout the day, when will it rain? Some days the heat seems endless, and other, the clouds darken the sky. And sometimes, we get a little drizzle for a few minutes. But no big storms have rolled in as of yet. When will the rains come?

monsoon fun (5)

We had a huge lightning storm the other night. The trees that I didn’t get around to trimming scrapped the house from the howling wind. I sat on the porch and watched the lightning. Lots of wind and thunder, but very little rainfall. The temperature dropped, which was nice. Each day, we wait. And we hope – soon.

monsoon (4) monsoon (12) monsoon (13)

The humidity rises with the clouds. We celebrate every little drop that falls from the sky. We run outside to experience it – even if it lasts for only a minute. We know it is coming, but it is so hard to wait. It’s one of the best and worst times of the year. We cool off in the water any way we can. We aren’t the only ones waiting…

monsoon (8)

monsoon (2)

monsoon (18) monsoon fun (1) monsoon fun (15) monsoon fun (28)

So we wait…


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