the sunshine & fog quilt

I finished my latest quilt this weekend. It’s a bunch of hexagons in yellows and grey, with little bits of turquoise tossed. I’m calling the “Sunshine & Fog” quilt, until I come up with a better name. It just reminds me of being at the beach – with the vibrant yellows and turquoise, and the mood grey skies. I love it!

sunshine&fog quilt (2)I started this quilt at the end of March, and then I became very busy with work and the garden on the weekends – not much time to sew! The quilt is roughly 55 inch by 60 inches. The fourteen different fabrics are from a variety of sources, such as Jo-Ann’s, Hawthorne Threads, and my stash. Mostly from my fabric stash. I knew I wanted to cut out hexagons, but other than that, I let myself just sit and sew pretty fabrics together in combination. I tried to limit the solid color yellows to the outsides of the hexagon bundles I was making.  I sewed everything together until the quilt was roughly 55 inch by 55 inches.

QUILT (3) QUILT (1)For the backing, I wanted to use of more of my grey and white fabrics. I really loved the dandelion fabric, so I decided to sew long solid rectangles of the fabrics together to highlight the backing a bit.

sunshine&fog quilt (11)I used a turquoise print from Jo-Ann’s for the binding. I quickly made my own bias tape for the quilt from one yard of fabric, with a ton left over for another use. I just adore making my own bias tape!

I wanted to do something different to highlight the hexagons without having the hexagon shapes show up on the backing fabrics.  I quilted the batting and the quilt top together, outlining every hexagon. Then I quilted all three layers together around the border. I machine stitches small stitches (maybe 3-4 stitches each) every 6-12 inches or so all over the quilt. This method allows the backing to shine, without disruption. I was going to hand tie each, but wanted to finish up this quilt!

nearly finished (9) nearly finished (7)I really do love how the “Sunshine & Fog” quilt turned out. It’s not big enough for our bed, but I put it there for now. It will be a traveling quilt, perfect for picnics and the beach.  Or for making a fort. You know how it is…


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