Gabriel Henry – 1 year old

I know all mamas begin birthday posts wondering where the time has gone – and how did my little baby become so big? I feel exactly that way about Gabriel celebrating one year.

I remember his labor and birth like it was yesterday. The uncertainty of whether or not I was really in labor. I kept working on Sophia’s quilt squares through contractions all morning long. Eventually realizing that indeed I was in labor, and wondering if I could make the drive home after picking up Sophia from school. Walking around the hospital with Jon, stopping at the pain of every contraction. Having my water broke, and trying to deal with the pain naturally. Finally getting that epidural. And then some rest before pushing that little boy into this world. Becoming a family of four.
labor&delivery (29)

It’s the time between then and now that gets a bit fuzzy. We had many visitors shortly after his birth. Then when he was two months old, we took off on a month-long airstream journey around California. When we returned, Gabriel was rolling around on the floor. Probably because we had the room to move around after being in the trailer for a month!

gabe 8 weeks (2)

We were home for a month, seeing friends and family, before taking off on a longer journey to the Pacific Northwest. He was four months old. It was hard. Gabe didn’t like sleeping very long at night. And it was easier – the kids had so much fun – just playing or doing the simplest things. Sophia just adored her little brother, and he loved nothing more than watching her. When we returned, he had grown so much – almost 20 pounds and six months old!

waldo lake (22)

The holidays went by quickly. Thanksgiving found us with my parents, and Gabriel weighted more than the turkey! He had mastered sitting up. Christmas was a wonder of delight for both kids. It was so much fun to witness the joy of the season through their eyes.

christmas (1)

Spring was a long time coming this year. It kept getting cold and then warm again. The kids were sick often & I was back at work. It was hard leaving Gabriel at daycare everyday, but he thrived. He loved making new friends and just about charms everyone he meets. He master the art of gorilla-scooting and just took off all over the house!

easter (45)

And now, here we are, full circle. One year later. And he’s walking. Not entirely all the time, but there are many steps, chasing after his big sister. He’s just a sweetheart. I am so thankful to have this little man in my life and as part of our family.

gabe bday (9)


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