Installing a Garden Bed – Phase 1A

The irrigation to the new beds is complete. Next up: digging the trenches for the footers for the new beds. First, I needed to lay the entire site out so we would know where the beds would be located and square them up.  This took one morning (and a few hours in the afternoon, after I realized I made a mistake).

The next day, I enlisted Jon to mix the cement for me. The guys at the hardware store told me we’d only need 2 bags for a trench that is three inches deep. Those two bags went quickly, allowing me to install only 3 cement blocks. Clearly, they were wrong. If you read the directions on the bag, it even says it will only cover two feet, three inches deep. Not sure what those guys were thinking. I thought the whole project might take an hour. I forgot, that with kids, everything takes 350% longer to do…

phase 1_bed (2) phase 1_bed (3)

Jon was a sweetie and went to get more. A lot more. And he came back and mixed even more cement. With the wheelbarrow falling to bits. While he was a little sick from traveling. What a keeper!

working hard

So, it took a little time, but eventually I got much better that making the cement and blocks level. There was a little bit of a learning curve. On one side, the blocks are clearly not level at one point. But I figure it doesn’t matter too much. There will be two more rows of block on top of the bottom row, and the entire bed will be stuccoed. I can add more mortar to that section to level it up. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself and anyone who asks. DON’T LOOK DAD!

Why is this post titled: Phase 1A? Because we only installed the first row of first bed. Plus, Jon thought it was funny. As in, here’s yet another project my wife has dreamed up – and we have to figure out how to do it. With the kids asking when we can go in the pool – every 5 minutes!?!

phase 1_bed (1)

phase 1_bed (5)

It wasn’t all work. After Mama and Daddy finished with the heavy lifting, the kids finally enjoyed a splash in the pool. Plus, they had fun playing with the chalkboard tables I made in for their playroom. Their old chalkboard broke, so I spray painted chalkboard paint on the Ikea tables that they use to color on. They loved them!

IMG_6031 IMG_6032 IMG_6033 pooltime (6)

chalkboard tables (1) chalkboard tables (2)


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