the first strawberries

All winter long, after all my other plants have frozen and succumbed to the unexpected frosts – I look at my four little strawberry plants. They look lifeless, but I know they are not. Come spring, they magically leaf out practically overnight – and before I know it – they have bloomed. Those little blossoms transform into small berries. I watch and wait. The berries get larger. I water them. I watch the berries slowly change from white to a glistening red.

spring weekend (18)

At last, those precious strawberries are ripe for the taking. I grab my camera to take a picture…and then look up. A little someone has also been watching my interest in the strawberries – spies a ripe, red berry…and I bet you can imagine the rest. Plopped right into her mouth. “MMMMMmmm, mama this is a good strawberry!” she exclaims. I smile, glad she’s appreciated the work that little plant put forth for her to come along and taste. Luckily for me, we had four ripe berries last night. We all shared. A little taste of Spring and Hope. Bliss.

first strawberries (1) first strawberries (2)

This post is for my sister-in-law Karima, who is attempting to grow strawberries outside her apartment window in Frankfurt Germany. If you find you have lost all hope, don’t despair. They will grow.


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