in remembrance

My mother-in-law Kathy passed away on Monday following a long illness. Although her passing was expected, the end was very sudden. I will always regret that Kathy didn’t get to spend more time with the kids – and never even met Gabriel in person. Kathy loved to read, and we always shared our love of books. She was a  very generous person.  We will miss her.

After we received the call on Monday night during dinner, we had planned to watch our wedding photo montage. We did so, knowing we would see pictures of Kathy in better times. We pointed her out to Sophia and Gabriel every time she came on the screen. She was buried in the same gown she wore to our wedding.

I’ve been really impressed by how much Sophia grasps the situation. She knows her Grammy is dead, that she will be buried, and that we will never see her again – but that we will hold her in our hearts and memories. She kept reciting this to me all week.

Jon fly to Boston for the wake and funeral. I know this has been a difficult situation, for many reasons. It is so hard to say goodbye to your parent forever. Given how young she was when she died, I feel it makes me want to live my life to the fullest each day. I know Jon feels that same way – and I hope we can convey this message to our kids in Kathy’s memory. Life is to be savored – and shared with those we love. Because you never know..

Sadly, I don’t have many photos of Kathy. Here are a couple of photos of her from our last trip to Maine in 2011.

kathy is in the background here
kathy is in the background here
kathy is in the pink dress


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