sewing-time needed!

Between having a lot more work to do, and dealing with  a couple of kids who seem to be constantly sick, I’ve not had more than thirty minutes of sewing time in the past week! Sick kids who have ear infections yet again and are not sleeping at night. That’s really throwing me off kilter, since sewing is a way for me to relax! So, since this week is spring break for the kids, I’ve managed to squeeze in some sewing.

I had cut out the pattern for a wrap dress (for me!) from Simple Modern Sewing a week ago, and then nothing happened. When I went back to it this week, I found that I had made the front bodice pattern incorrectly (after I already sewed the front & back bodices together). I really dislike patterns that overlay several patterns on on sheet of paper. I know it is cheaper to produce, but it is more confusing for me. Anymore, more quality time for me and my seam ripper, less time sewing. I remade the front bodice pattern and cut out more fabric.

wrap dress (2)

The dress came together rather quickly – I did modify the pattern so that it was sleeveless instead of three-quarter sleeves (just lined the bodice with a bodice lining – exactly like what I had been doing with those Paper Fan Dresses!) However, something isn’t quite right. It looks like the fabric in the front of the dress isn’t wide enough or doesn’t lay right. I made the pieces just like the pattern called for, but I think I’ll add more width to the skirt and then cut it after it is attached to the bodice. Back to the drawing board. The size is correct, at least. Thank goodness for inexpensive fabrics to made practice dresses!

The little guy needed a pair of linen pants for Easter as well. I cut out the pattern from Sewing for Boys and made those pants in fifteen minutes. I love that book! And that’s just about the amount of time I get to sew these days!

pants for gabe (1) pants for gabe (2)

I have a quilt that I’m anxious to begin cutting out. Perhaps in my next free fifteen minutes I can can start with that project. So many projects to do, so little time!

new quilt


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