Paper Fan Dresses

I sewed three dresses using Anna Maria Horner’s Paper Fan Dress pattern. It was really fun to sew – very quick. Even the buttonholes! I showed you the first one, minus the buttonholes here. That dress was a bit big on Sophia, so it’s going to be a gift for her cousin Sedona.

dress (3)

Sophia selected fabric (from Joann’s – in my stash) for Baby Katherine’s dress (size 2T).  Katherine isn’t a baby anymore, so I really should start calling her Katie Belle.

dress (4)


Sophia also selected the fabric (from Joann’s – in my stash) for her dress. It has cherry blossoms on it – or so said the tag on the side of the fabric!

dress (5)

Each dress has a dark pink bodice, pink buttons, and different color thread for the buttonholes. The buttonholes look best when they closely match the color of the fabric. I wouldn’t say I’m a master at making buttonholes yet, but at least now they aren’t scary!

dress (9) dress (8) dress (7)

Each dress is also a little different – the pleats are almost non-existent on Katie Belle’s dress, while Sophia’s dress has more knife-like pleats. Different gathering techniques result in different pleats!

dress (3)

Such sweetness!


2 thoughts on “Paper Fan Dresses

  1. We LOVE Katie Belle’s dress, it is so cute. I can’t wait for her to wear it on Easter and take a lot of pictures. Thank you SO much for the thoughtful and super cute gift.

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