sorry to have missed you!

Sorry to have dropped off the blog in the past week. I had a very busy (and very successful!) work event – two in fact – last week on Friday and Saturday. Things went very well, but left no time for fun crafty projects. Jon left for a week of field work on Sunday, so the kids and I played outside, enjoying the nice weather. We worked a little bit on the garden project (which I do promise to share some of soon!) But mostly, we relaxed – I’m exhausted!

IMG_5626 IMG_5635

And then came the sickness. Gabriel has a double ear infection, among other minor problems. And then there was the fountain of vomit to deal with…  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to getting back to craft projects. I have one project I somehow managed to finish very quickly over the past week & weekend, working on it little bits at a time.

hanks apron (2)




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