airstream landing pad

We hired a contractor in our neighborhood to install a concrete parking area for the airstream. It might seem silly, but now we have a level surface to park the trailer on (the ground was really sloped) and to work on the trailers for repairs. It took a couple of days to the leveling of the ground and the construction of the forms. After the concrete was poured, we didn’t drive on it until three weeks later. Our wonderful neighbors let us park the airstream at their house during this time. At last the airstream is home. Jon is one happy guy!

concrete pad (1) concrete pad (2) concrete pad (3)

pouring (1) pouring (3)

finished pad (1) finished pad (2) finished pad (4) finished pad (5)You may notice that there really isn’t any room anymore for Jon to park his truck along side the trailer now. So, he cleared a new parking spot, but it still needs some leveling and gravel. I’m sure we’ll get to that any day now, along with the pile of tree limbs I’ve cut down that needs to be hauled away and the mistletoe in the trees that needs to be removed.

finished pad (3)


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