wintery weekend

Blizzards, snow, and rain abound most of the country this past weekend. In the desert, we experienced some of this cold wintery weather in the form of rain and snow on the mountains. We’re thinking of our family and friends without power from the big storm.

Of course, this weather makes me want to curl up in a quilt, a book, and a pot of tea. Sadly, this is not the case for the kids. At least, not yet. Since it’s hard to burn off the kiddo’s excess energy inside, we bundled up and headed out for a walk/bike ride.

someone has 4 teeth!
someone has 4 teeth!

wintery weekend (9) wintery weekend (8) wintery weekend (7)

It was a hard weekend. Sophia has been acting out, causing both of us to lose our patience with her. We’ve tried having specific things to do with her each day (such as going to the library, or for a walk) so she can focus on that instead of whining about how hungry, cold, tired, or bored she is. I know she’s bored sometimes, but the whining and back talk is just getting to me. Life isn’t one big party or play date – there is down time and time to play alone.

Plus, she’s up at night, asking for someone to sleep with her. This is hard, because while we put the dog in her room to get her asleep at night, the dog doesn’t want to stay in there the whole night. So, we’re dealing with both kids up at night. Add the fact she’s not napping on the weekend, and you have one tired mama. I know we’ll get through this, but I’m tired of yelling all the time. I need to find another way to deal with her behavior and my reactions. Meanwhile, here’s hoping for a smooth week.

wintery weekend (6)


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