costume party

We love playing dress-up here. Sophia has a number of hand-me down play dress from her cousin and it’s the first place any kid visits when they come over. It’s not uncommon to have several princesses running amok (even the boys!)

That being said, Sophia had a costume party to attend this past week. She had selected her gown (Cinderella), but was lacking in some props. She specifically needed a hairpiece, similar to what Cinderella was wearing in the picture on her costume. I whipped up a blue velcro headband quickly, only to learn I had forgotten an important part: the blue circles on the side. Details, details. One that was fixed, and her hair was braided the way she wanted it, she was set. Only the party was several hours away.

princess (1) princess (2) princess (3)

After a brief attempt at napping, (Cinderella never took a nap, didn’t you know that?) off we went. But not before I pointed out to Sophia that Gabe didn’t have a costume. Sophia paused, and then responded that he could be her horse. No costume necessary. Gotta love that girl!

party (2) party (4) party (6) party (7) party (9) party (16)

The next day, Sophia enacted another fairy tale – that of sleeping beauty.

sleeping beauty (1) sleeping beauty (2)


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