Gabriel – 9 months

gabriel (1) gabriel (2)

It’s hard to believe that this little man is nine months old! Here are the stats from his check-up:

  • 22 pounds 1 ounce (85%),
  • 29 inches in length (74%),
  • head circumference 47 (93% – BIG Brains!)

Gabriel had four teeth – the top two and bottom two. He is so cute – I wish I could get a picture of his smile with those teeth. I get a great view while nursing when he turns his head up to smile at me! I just love it!

gabriel (9)

He’s getting more mobile as well. I thought he’d bypass crawling – he prefers to stand. He can’t pull himself up just yet. He scoot around and around on his bottom…and then suddenly in the past two days, has decided to try out this whole crawling thing. He hasn’t gotten very far just yet, but watch out world!

reading (1) reading (4) reading (6)Gabriel loves to eat. He’s already tried most vegetables and fruits – even meats and eggs. He loves eggs. (Our pediatrician gave the go ahead for him to try all these a bit early). He hates formula, so I have to make sure to pump enough milk every day for his while he’s at school.  Our pediatrician also said she was comfortable with him trying cow’s milk, but I think we’ll wait just a bit longer until he has mastered the whole sippy cup thing. I plan on nursing him until this summer at least.

Gabriel loves to read his books, to play with his toys, but best of all, he adores his sister. They keep each other entertained so well. It’s great to watch them grow up together.

In case you wants to see/remember what Sophia’s stats were at 9 months, here you go! Similar in terms of weight (although Gabriel is heavier), Sophia was taller (she is still really tall!), and wanting to move around on her own just like Gabriel. Oh, it seems like she was so small just yesterday. They will be grown before I know it! I  really must just enjoy every moment of it!


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