Almost Wordless Wednesday

pre-quilting 2 pre-quilting

Gabriel’s quilt has been pieced together and all three layers are sandwiched together, ready to be quilted. So what’s the hold up?

Well, I discovery a book about free motion quilting at Jo-Ann’s that said you can attach a free motion or embroidery foot to just about any sewing machine, so long as the shank is low. My basic Singer with five stitches is a low shank…so I ordered a couple of these feet, along with  a cover for the feed dogs. And now I am experimenting with free motion quilting!!! The cover for the feed dogs fits, but doesn’t leave any room to work any fabric, let along three pieces beneath it. I’m free-motioning (is that even a word?) without it.

free motion (1) free motion (2) free motion (4)

I can tell I will need some contrasting thread for the fabric if I want the stitching to show.

I think I will quilt basic squares around the actual fabric squares in this quilt, but I’d really like to do something fancier with the side and the bottom.  Perhaps quilt a wood grain pattern, since a couple of fabric swatches have wood grain? Or maybe pebbles?  I’m not sure yet, but it’s fun trying to see what I can do with my basic little machine.  And so exciting!

Once I finish quilting, I need to decide on the binding. Gabriel is waiting patiently for his quilt…


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