the long weekend

Jon flew to Boston for the long weekend; his mother has been very ill. That left the kids and me with three whole days worth of things to do.

We started of with pizza and a princess movie – Brave. It was the best princess movie I have ever see! Although the whole mama turning into a bear was scary for Sophia.

weekending (15) weekending (19) weekending (20)

Then we found ourselves baking. We made chocolate, hazelnut, & banana muffins from this cookbook and chocolate cookies from this cookbook. I absolutely adore both cookbooks and promise to share more on the cookbooks later.

We took our yummy goodies over to our neighbor’s house to share in the sugar-y goodness. With our bribes in hand, he, in turn, cut down a tree for my redesigned garden project.  Another thing I will share with you soon. Well, technically, the cookies were not in hand at that exact moment – it would have been unsafe. So, he had cookies and a beer afterwards.

weekending (21) weekending (22) weekending (23)

We hosted some friends over for a lovely dinner. Chaos outside – lovely temperatures – good times…even if I did have to move that downed tree before everyone arrived. The wine on the porch helped sooth my sore back!

weekending (1) weekending (24)

We even managed fifteen minutes of sewing – a skirt for Sophia. I’d show you it, but we cannot find it right now! We had a play date (or shindig, as some call it) on Monday at a friend’s house in the morning. Kids running amok, having a blast.  Getting tired enough to actually take a nap (hurray!), so this tired Mama could too. And before we knew it, the long weekend was over, and Daddy returned home.

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