Family Photos

I have always wanted to get family pictures done by a professional photographer, but outside the tradition setting inside a portrait studio, with the fake background. We have very few pictures of us and the kids – all together – and I would love to be able to document what our lives look like right now. A friend has a friend who is a photographer, whom I had met briefly a long time ago. I visited her facebook page – saw a giveaway for liking her page (which is really an easy thing to do – go take a look at her lovely photos!), and thought, well, maybe.  And wouldn’t you know, somehow, I managed to win the free photo session! I just love how technology can help you connect with people.

That was back in November. We just had our photo shoot this past weekend at  Aqua Caliente Park. It was the first day of the super cold spell Tucson was experiencing. I was really, really nervous. I don’t photograph well, which is why you rarely see picture of me on this blog! I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before thanks to my lovely son who has decided against sleeping at night (and is still not sleeping at night to this day!!) What if none of the pictures turned out and we wasted her time?? I knew the kids would be cute as usual, and my husband is always handsome looking.  I worried about what we should wear in terms of colors, (not matching!) and didn’t want any fake poses or smiles. Basically, my usual state. I did make the decision to bring Sophia’s quilt as our prop. If Gabriel’s quilt was finished, I would have brought it too!

9639 Web

I shouldn’t have worried. Carrie Fette did a amazing job – not only at taking the photos, but helping me relax. Sophia was in heaven and Gabe, well, he wasn’t too sure what was going on, or why it was so cold and why were we outside again?, but he had his family. And really, that’s all that matters in the end.

9614 Web 9649 Web 9661 Web 9663 Web 9690 Web

Thank you Carrie!


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