Gabe’s Pants

That little boy of mine is rather big. Twenty-two pounds to be exact. He’s eight and half months old…and will only get bigger! I’ve had some trouble finding clothes that will fit him. He fits into the 18 month clothes, but the sleeves and pant legs can be too long (or sometime, the whole outfit is snug). So, I decided to make him some pants while I try to deal with the onesie issues.

I had bought the book “Sewing for Boys” well before Gabriel was born, just to have some fun patterns to make for the boys in our lives. I was drawn to this book by the mischievous look on this little guy’s face!

Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe

I made the pattern “Mr. Two Faced Pants” – knowing I would not use two different fabrics for the pant as the patterns calls for. I had found this adorable walrus flannel fabric at Joann’s and couldn’t pass it up! I made the size 12 months for Gabriel, which ended up being too long…for about a month. Then I had to let the length out! There is still room to let the hem out again, if need be.

pants (4)

So, once I had the sizing down, I made Gabriel a few more pairs. All made out of fabric from my stash – and all warm materials like flannel.  Perfect for these days when we wake up to a frozen world with water pipes that froze.

whoa - there are WALRUSES on my pants!
whoa – there are WALRUSES on my pants!

The pattern is one piece and super simple. I made four pairs of pants, assembly-line like, using my serger. I used the Singer to make the waistband and then added a second row of thread around the top on a couple of pairs of pants, simply because I like the little ruffle at the top. I could have added some pockets, but I didn’t (I forgot to do it first). And then I was too lazy go to back and add it on at the end.

pants (12) pants (13) pants (14)

Now, back to the quilt…



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