GG’s Quilt

My Grandmother Mary is turning 90 years young on Friday. We’re having a big party for her on Saturday. She just recently moved into an assisted living home, with her own apartment. When my mom and her sisters were cleaning out her house, they found the very first quilt she started, but never finished. They immediately said “Give it to Pamela to finish!” So I did, with a little help from Sophia.

gabe (1) GG quilt (1)

Grandma’s favorite color is blue. I picked out a number of blue fabrics from my stash and has Sophia pick a few while I sewed a blue border around the quilt. I was aiming for a crib-sized throw for the final size. Once Sophia has picked the fabrics out, I cut a bunch of squares and off we went sewing.

GG quilt (7) GG quilt (2)

For the backing, I found a corduroy blue with butterflies – Grandma is crazy about butterflies. It was just shy of the size I needed, so I added a border of white flannel…which conveniently acted as the binding for the entire quilt.

GG quilt (5) gabe (6)


GG quilt (9)A quilt of memories, old and new.


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