a quiet week

Christmas was a lovely, abet, quiet affair this year. We wanted to start a new tradition of having Christmas at our home (which we will not do every year, but maybe every other year). We had hoped to have some of our family join us, but that did not work out. Maybe the next time we stay home for Christmas???

It was pure bliss. Sophia came running into Gabriel’s room to tell me that Santa had come – and he brought her princess candy canes. She was so excited -and she told me there was more! Ah, the excitement of a small child on Christmas morning.

christmas (1) christmas (2) christmas (9) christmas (22) christmas (29) christmas (37) christmas (39) christmas (53) christmas (66)

We open our presents from Santa, had a leisurely breakfast, and then opened more gifts. Sophia helped open Gabriel’s gifts, since he napped through part of the drama. He rather liked playing with the wrapping paper though. It was a quiet day, playing with new toys and skyping with family. Dinner was a lovely Spiced Moroccan Pie, a vegetarian delight, with ham on the side (a delight for Jon).

Jon drove Sophia up to Phoenix the next day for her week with the grandparents and cousin. They’ve been having a blast. The three of us – Jon, Gabriel, and myself – found the house to be eerily quiet and tidy without Sophia here. Gabriel really misses his sister – they play so well together. I find that I do miss the chaos as well.

But it has been a week of book reading (I did receive 4 cookbooks as gifts!!), naps, quiet afternoon, gardening & working on the front yard project (I’ll tell you more soon), sewing, and baking & cooking (did I mention that I received 4 cookbooks!!!!)  We’ve seen some friends, but mostly, we’ve enjoyed the cold weather, walks, and time. Time alone and time together. It’s a been a lovely week. I hope yours has been as well. Happy New Year! I hope to see you here next year!


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