sophia’s quilt

sophia  (1) sophia  (2) sophia  (3) sophia  (4) sophia  (5) sophia  (6)

I finished Sophia’s quilt – yeah!  You’ll remember that I finished the squares the day Gabriel was born? Then the squares sat for months until I pieced them together with bright pink around each square. I found a soft yellow striped sheet at the thrift store for the backing. I wish had other options for the quilting – I do get a little tired of just outlining the squares or doing straight lines, but with the machine I have, there aren’t too many more options. Someday I’d really like to make circles or some other free-hand stitches. Some day.

Sophia really loves her new quilt – she took it in for nap time and put in on top of her duvet cover. Then she brought it back out to the playroom, where we proceeded to have a tea party. I think this quilt is going to get quite a bit of use! Now, Gabriel is wondering where his quilt is, so I’ve got to get busy!

tea party (1) tea party (3)


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