Gabriel’s Christmas Stocking

It was time to sew Gabriel’s Christmas stocking. Sophia selected the fabrics for the tree skirt we made together, but I had final say over the print we used for the stocking. I wanted something that coordinated with the color scheme of the other stockings. At the time, I couldn’t find my stocking template, so we made another one. I’ve since found it – it’s that always the case!

stocking (1)

As for the decoration on the stocking, I had wanted to do something to symbolize Gabriel’s name, just I did with Sophia’s stocking. Sophia means wisdom, hence an owl. Gabriel’s name is an angel…but that’s just too religious for me.  So then I thought of an animal that lives in a cold climate – the first thing that popped into my mind was an arctic fox. Small, sweet, and simple. Once I found some graphic art online to help me, I traced a stylized arctic fox on white felt and cut out a few select lines to have the red felt beneath show through. A little hand embroidery and machine stitching to keep it all together – and it was complete. I rather like the result and I hope he does too!

stocking (3)



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