kathrine belle’s quilt

before quilting

I finished the hexagon quilt! It was so easy and fun to sew. I want to make another one soon. I knew when I started this quilt it would be for a special little girl who turned one year old on Thanksgiving! I had hoped to have it finished in time for her birthday, but that didn’t happen.

I sewed twelve blocks of hexagons in the vibrantly colored printed fabric. I don’t remember where I bought the fabric online, but I did order it in fat quarters. I made six hexagon blocks out of the grey print. I really like how the grey print acts as a neutral background for the colors. I actually ran out of the grey fabric and it is only because the nice lady at JoAnns found another entire bolt that I didn’t have to redesign this quilt! Thank you lady at JoAnns!

I quilted the colored hexagons with variegated purple and pink thread. I quilted the grey hexagons with white thread – and I really like the results. The back of the quilt looks like an explosion of shooting stars! I would really love a long-arm sewing machine for quilting. It would really open up the quilting options…but those machines are SO expensive! Maybe my mom can find one at estate sell – she’s found two of my machines that way. I haven’t even had a chance to try out the newest one she found yet! Plus, I really don’t have the room for one, unless we built a separate studio for me…which is unlikely!

I used a twin-size sheet from the thrift store as the quilt backing. I just love Savers for this! Large pieces of fabric, inexpensive, and already pre-softened to boot!

I had planned on doing an envelop-style of binding – so that the cream color would be the binding and border. But the hexagons just wouldn’t lay flat well enough for that method, so I found some lavender bias-tape in my stash and off I went!


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