a journey home

Sorry to have been away from this space for a week. Rather than have a very long slog along Highway 101, we elected to leave Florence, Oregon and hightail it to Los Angeles.  The rain was just driving us crazy, (remember, our trailer was leaking like a sieve) and we just wanted to get home.

The drive was very pretty until the central valley, when the landscape became very flat. We were able to do more miles than we would have if we stayed along the coast. Mount Shasta was unbelievable – over 11,000 feet and glaciers. We stayed one night at Shasta Lake and then at the San Luis reservoir. Jon was able to kayak one last time at the reservoir.

On our third day of driving, we arrived in Glendora, California. We stayed with our friends Trinka, Aaron, and Alexa – and Miss Josie – who was only about six weeks old! The girls had a blast hanging out together and so did the older girls (Trinka and me!) I cannot begin to describe my joy at sleeping in a real bed! Of course, Gabriel is still up all night, but it was a wonderfully soft (and dry!) bed!

me and miss josie
the boys lounging
the girls

Our last stop on our way home was a weekend stay with my parents. We had a BBQ that night (thanks for cooking Josh!), craved pumpkins, and made s’mores. The next day, we visited my grandma, who had recently moved to an assisted living home. We always have a great time with my family. We packed everything up, including our cat, for the final trip home.  And how sweet it is to be home again…

this photo makes me laugh every time i see it!


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