We didn’t have much time in Portland, only a day and half. We decided to start our journey home a bit early…we’re a little tired. Not to be too grumpy about it, but living in such a small space (with limited outdoor space when it is raining) is rough. Of course, we are in beautiful places and with lots to see…

After setting up the trailer at Roamer’s Rest RV Park, and some much- needed hot showers and laundry, we decided to visit the Lucky Labrador public house for dinner that night. What makes it a public house and not the brewery is that the beer was brewed at their other location., Only beers and pizzas were served. There were lots of kids and a whole lot of chaos…we fit right in!

The Saturday Market was held the downtown the next morning. Many stalls of some lovely things…and things to eat like crepes. I need to make crepes when we get home…

Suddenly, the blue skies turned grey…and then it started to rain softly. Then much harder. And then there was hail and pouring rain. All in about five minutes. We took shelter in a vendor’s booth and waited rain, just like everyone else. The street was literally at a stand-still, with people seeking shelter beneath any place they could find! And then…the hail stopped and it was only drizzling. We headed up the street to Powell’s Books.

After refueling with hot chocolate and coffee to take the chill off, we browsed the extremely large and busy book store. I think everyone had the same idea we did. I found a couple of books and I had a nice time reading out loud to Sophia and another child. She loves these Bear books we borrow from the library (we only have one of the books)  and they had the newest one: A Birthday for Bear. We didn’t buy it, but it was great (Bear doesn’t like birthday, just like Daddy).

Since it was sunny, we thought we might be able to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden without the rain. It was amazing. It took ten months to build, almost entirely by craftsmen brought over from China. The details were amazing! I wished we had time for tea there – it would have been spectacular.




We took the light rail, mostly because it would have been a bit of a walk and Sophia really likes trains.  We then walked over to the Full Sail brewery…only we couldn’t find it. Turns out it was part of the McCormick & Schmicks’s Harborside Restaurant, a very fancy white tablecloth sort of place. We sampled a flight of beers, Sophia had mac and cheese, and Gabriel smeared prunes all over that white tablecloth. Yup, we were a hit. Not, the waiter was really great and seemed to really like the kids.

We left Portland with many more adventures to be had, another time. That crazy weather was something!


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