dungeness crab festival

Last weekend, Port Angeles held their Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival. We really like crab, so we had to check it out! There was lots of seafood, crafty booths, music, and displays of all kinds. We had a blast!

sophia even managed to find a playground at the festival

We visited a lavender farm in Sequim before we left town. The Jardin du Soleil was lovely, even without the lavender in bloom. We made friends with cat (we’re all going through cat withdraw, even the dog).

On our tour of farms, the kids and I visited Dungeness Valley Creamery and found some raw milk cheese to sample.

We even managed to find time for Mama to try out the kayak. I loved it! I especially liked it when the seals popped their heads up while I was paddling. At one point, I had stopped paddling and was in eye contact with one seal, while two others were off to my left a short distance away. All of a sudden, another seal popped his head up ten feet from me and then leapt out of the water. It was amazing. I’ve gotta get my own kayak someday…

sophia loves the beach. here she is, gathering water in her pail, which she then dumps all over Lucy. we have such a great dog!

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