last days in eugene

We’ve been busy this past week. We took the trailer in to get a new hot water heater and that dent fixed. It looks great now and only needs the clear coat polished off once we get home! But it meant we stayed in a hotel one night…lots of work moving everything we needed for one night in and out of a hotel room. We had dinner at Sweet Basil (thai food) – which was tasty, but they neglected to bring Sophia’s dinner until we reminded them when they served our food. Not so great… We (dog included) hung out at Washington park  during the day, where I met the owner of the Tilted Kilt – I know my dad will find that tidbit interesting!

the dent

We visited with new friends, both at parks and at their homes. I am amazed at how people here really seem to just open their hearts to new people and experiences – not only chatting up people at parks, in the line at the food store, or anywhere really, but invited these new people to spend more time together. I feel humbled by the generosity shown to us. Thank you Eugene!

J. and Sophia

Jon’s been out of town doing field work in California for a few days and will be back late tonight. It’s just been me and the kids…all day and all night long. We went for lunch one day at Market of Choice. Sophia really enjoyed the Hello Kitty cupcakes and driving the car on the front of the grocery. We also visited the Knit Shop for some needles…and Sophia found the prefect ball of yarn for me to make her something…anything…as long as I used this color!

Gabriel still isn’t sleeping well and I’ve taken to just moving him into bed with me, so I won’t have to get out of bed so much. I’m not sure what has him so unsettled… He did get a taste of sweet potatoes this week, which Sophia documented for me. She felt a picture was not complete without my knee in every shot! She’s actually not bad with the camera!

Speaking of Sophia, she’s really enjoying all this time with her friends. I do try to have a fairly structured day for her – it’s what she seems to need. No naps either anymore, mostly because I’m tired of dealing with the bad behavior when it comes to time to put her to bed. Most nights she’ll go right to sleep…and then there was last night when she was up until after 9 pm. Can’t win them all…

We’re off today to Thistle Down Farms to get some autumn pictures and more yummy food. We leave on Monday for Olympic. Looking forward to it!


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