• We drove an hour east of Eugene to Waldo Lake. Such a beautiful, quiet place.
  • We tasted seven really excellent beers at Falling Sky brewery. They gave us an extra one for free! Sophia enjoyed her burger as much as I enjoyed mine!
  • Mama got an hour to herself and had a pedicure. Not quite what I’m used to at our salon at home, but my toes are pretty now! It was a bit surreal, seeing a giant flat screen tv up on the wall, blasting football, while men and women next to me sipped champagne. Not to mention, the guy doing my pedicure kept turning around to watch the game!
  • We went to a park, naturally. In fact, we went to the same one (Oatmont Park) two days in a row, and made some new friends. We have plans to meet up again next weekend.
  • We got ready to move the airstream to the dealership for a day of repairs (HOT WATER HEATER!!!) and all of us, the dog, and our stuff to a motel (a decidedly less fun adventure).

Hope your weekend was great!



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